Zondag 4 december - 2011
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2005: Folkfestival Dranouter

2006:Folkfestival Labadoux Ingelmunster and in collaboration with folkdancegroup Scarminkel Highland Games in Nethy Bridghe Schotland

2007: 30th anniversary and own tour 30-30-30

2008: Festival Ten Vrede


We can look back on more than 500 performances -be it in concert or as entertainment- with Flemish folkmusic, self-written music or a combination of both.


1977: set up of the group

1982: participation in the compilation-LP "Vanuit de schaduw"

1984: finalist and a second place at the Gouden Gandalf folk contest

1986: own EP "Zand uit eigen Land"

1996: CD "De Muzikale Avonduren van Zjamoel"

1997: 20th anniversary and participation in the compilation-CD "Flemish Folk Music"

1998: Concert Niederösterreich (Austria): Kreisgraben Festival and participation in the compilation-CD "Wevelgem Zingt en Swingt"

1999: Concert Niederösterreich (Austria): Celtovation Festival

2000: Concert Niederösterreich(Austria): Celtovation Festival and participation in the compilation-CD "Folkmusic in Flanders"

2001: Participation in the compilation -CD"Belgian Artistic Promotion Midem 2001" and recordings for an own CD, concert in Razmataz Oost Souburg (Holland)

2002: 25th anniversary of Zjamoel, release CD "Het Eerste Kwartier", concert in Schotland, participation in the compilation-CD "Flemish Folk Music 2002"

2004: "Chants Populaires des Flamands de France" of Edmond de Coussemaker, folkproject together with Les Tailles Rondes: de CousseBand. Concert on 'Winter in Dranouter' and contribution to the CD "Folk Music in Flanders 2005"


ZJAMOEL: once was the West Flemish word for "muddle,mess", however since the group ZJAMOEL is called like that, the word has acquiered quite a different sound.

Outsiders gave us a variety of -although beautiful-say fanciful names: Z.JAMOEL ZJAMOEFEL, SJAMOUL, SJALOUM, CHAMOUL, ZJANOEL, DJAMOEL, KAMOEL, SJAMOEL and ZJAMBOEL.

The group ZJAMOEL was founded in 1977 by some musicians who had sneaked off their folk-dance group. From now on folk music sounds rather self-willed and self-made songs are less and less folksongs.

"Songs without words and dances without steps" is a reproach for ZJAMOEL, because its music does speak and its notes do dance.

We hear from them in spring 1996: "Instrumentale avonduren van Zjamoel" (instrumental adventures/eveninghours of Zjamoel) a CD. It couldn't but come about.

"Instrumentale avonduren van Zjamoel" originates from its legendary folk music history as well as from its more common present. Down-to-earth music, produced by floating musicians.

Most of the lyrics have been cancelled for emotional, vocal, ethical and/or esthetical reasons. Others have been simply forgotten.

Concerning the instruments.  Zjamoel prefers instruments which are available and playable. The result is very ZJAMOELITARY.

Hendrik Calu: Violin 
Hans Mispelaere: Gitar and Bass-gitar  
Dirk Vandamme: Clarinet, Bagpipes, and Winddriver                  
Paul Vandamme: German flute, Bagpipes and Winddriver